About Us

At Get Real Financial, we strive for excellence in all that we do and look forward to helping you reach your finance goals. We believe that loan products should be easy to understand, easy to access and allow you peace of mind.

You should think of us as a professional resource in the same way you think of your accountant, financial planner or solicitor. You can rely on us to always think of your best interests.

We will work with you and your service providers (real estate agent, conveyancer and lender) during your purchasing or re-financing process, while ensuring you obtain the finance that best suits your circumstances and needs.

When you call Get Real Financial, you will speak to a real person. We will guide you through your loan process, providing you with information and support every step of the way. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you today.

The Get ‘Real’ Finance Value

Our purpose is to find the best lending solution to suit your needs. We support you, through every step with…

  • Face to face meetings – to establish your financial needs.
  • Regular contact – from the first time you call, right through the loan process and beyond.
  • Easy explanations – of finance options through our panel lenders, and the various loan products and terms that they offer.
  • Proactive loan management – in a changing market you need someone to keep a watchful eye on the changes and keep you informed. We give you annual loan reviews to keep it into view.
  • Sharing what we know – for our people interested in the finance and property markets, through our Mortgage Focus newsletters.
  • Network – as specialists in our field we know when to refer your needs to other specialists. And to whom!

Kelly Cameron
Director / Mortgage Broker, Fortitude Valley

“Everything is possible. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Kelly was 10 when her grandparents’ home was sold and her and her family (grandparents, parents, uncle, brother and sister) were forced to rent. Seeing her grandmother, a very stoic woman, upset at the kitchen sink, worrying about losing the house, a young Kelly made a decision to buy her grandmother another house when she got older. Seeing the distress that not having a family home had on her family, Kelly made it her business to help people buy houses, and to achieve financial security through real estate investing.

Though she followed the well-trodden path of obtaining a degree and graduate diplomas in business, she took up an opportunity to work in Seoul, in a merchant bank in South Korea straight out of university. Working in a country that was in the midst of a financial crisis was eye-opening, and rewarding, but her passion to work in finance and help people on a personal level led her to work back in Australia for one of the big four banks. After one year though, she left the bank, and commenced working as a mortgage broker, keen to build more personal relationships with her clients and to make a real difference to the way people related to their money. Kelly set her goal to retire at 30, and after not finding the answer from many “financial” experts, she realised that she was going to have to work out how to do it.

At the age of 30, in fact on her 30th birthday, Kelly sold her first mortgage broking business in Brisbane, which she built from scratch and then she moved to Sydney. She had the intention of retiring, but after only 6 weeks off, she started another business, ‘Get Real Finance’. After 2 years, she relocated the business back to Brisbane, and now services her interstate clients and her local clients.

Having found a “mentor” in John, a taxi driver, Kelly was keen to build her own financial security through real estate investing. At 25, Kelly purchased her first home, (the home her grandparents now live in), and she has been buying (and selling occasionally) real estate ever since. She has amassed a sizeable property portfolio and her clients benefit from the huge depth of her experience that she has in real estate purchases and real estate investing. Kelly has helped people from all walks of life, in areas such as saving to buy their first place (whether that has been a home, or an investment property), or just helping people pull their lives back together after something traumatic. Kelly is highly sought after, because of her technical skill in mortgage broking and deal structuring, and her negotiation skills. She is intensely passionate about her work as a mortgage broker, and she stays at the cutting edge of what is happening in the financial and property markets, which is of enormous benefit to her clients.

Credit Representative #400766

Matthew Thompson
Mortgage Broker, Fortitude Valley

“Your dreams for tomorrow, can be your reality today.”

Matthew started with the Get Real Finance team in May 2013. In May 2009 he graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Business degree with a double major in accountancy and banking and finance. Matthew is currently completing his studies to become Certified Practising Accountant and hopes to complete this in 2016. Matthew had been working in the field of Insolvency for nearly 3 years from 2010 to 2013 and he has a wealth of experience with both personal and corporate insolvency appointments.

Matthew first met Kelly, through his former employer at their annual seminar. Matthew met Kelly again in March 2013 to discuss finance for a construction loan. He was so inspired by Kelly’s advice and wisdom that he changed his career from an insolvency accountant to become a Mortgage Broker. Matthew has completed his studies to become a Mortgage Broker and will continue to develop his skills under the guidance and mentorship of Kelly and Steve. Matthew has never looked back since becoming a Mortgage Broker and he enjoys the opportunity to help make clients dreams come true.

Matthew enjoyed the whole process of building his first home in 2013. Matthew will continue to look at building his investment portfolio in the future. Matthew hopes that through his experiences he can help others achieve their dreams too.

Tania Granzin
Mortgage Broker – Fortitude Valley

Tania joined the Get Real Finance team in May 2019. Her career started with a major bank in Melbourne over 30 years ago. In 2004 Tania began working with brokers and financial planners and has worked for a number of small to medium businesses. During this time Tania has completed her Diploma in Financial Planning and has gained experience across many areas of finance and investment. Tania has also recently finished her Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking.

Tania enjoys supporting the Brisbane Lions and has been a Lions member for many years. She also loves to travel and values time spent with family and friends.

Julie Ellwood
Loan Processor – Fortitude Valley

Julie has been part of the Get Real Finance Team since September 2019. Julie has been working in the finance industry for nearly 20 years, with extensive experience in mortgage broking. Julie’s an integral part of the Get Real Finance team with her main role being to support Kelly with loan processing tasks.

In her free time, Julie enjoys singing with her choir group and spending time with her family.

Kaleb McEwen
Broker Assistant- Fortitude Valley

Kaleb joined the Get Real Finance team in June of 2020. Kaleb works closely alongside the brokers to help lodge deals and is learning the trade to one day be a broker himself.

Outside of the office, Kaleb is completing his Bachelor of Business majoring in Finance and Accounting. These skills learnt through his degree have made him a valuable asset to the Get Real Finance team.

Cassie Menhinnitt
Financial Controller and Senior Office Administrator – Fortitude Valley

Cassie joined the Get Real Finance team in June of 2020. Cassie is our wonderful senior admin officer, and is the lovely face greeting clients at the door everyday. Cassie works closely with the entire team to help with the day to day functions of the business. She has also recently been offered to extend her role to include management of the in-house accounting function.

Outside of the office, Cassie is completing her Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets.